At Just Take It, LLC, we specialize in all ranges of residential projects in the Toledo, OH area and the surrounding counties of Northwest Ohio. Our professionalism coupled with experience equips us to handle various phases of residential demolition safely while being cost effective.

  • Residential projects we have completed are from the following sectors: homeowners, county and private sector.

  • Demolition services provided by Just Take It, LLC are Selective Demolition and Residential Demolition.


Just Take It, LLC specializes in mid to large commercial projects. We are equipped to handle all phases of demolition – including structural and emergency demolitions of commercial building under three stories.

We offer experience and professionalism while delivering safe and cost effective demolition. Our completed projects include: municipalities, counties, commercial and the private sector.


Just Take It LLC believes in being environmentally responsible in everything that we do. We sort and haul all possible items to landfills and recycling yards.

No project is too small and no project is too big – CALL us for your hauling needs. We ARE the solution!

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